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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's senior vice-president of industrial design, better know to us as Sir Jony Ive, has received one of the greatest honours that could be bestowed on a Brit. Forget his knighthood, the driving force behind the iPod has been awarded a gold Blue Peter badge.

BBC kids' show Blue Peter has been on British TV since 1958 and the Blue Peter badge is awarded to those who earn it through performing acts of distinction. It is normally a white shield with a blue ship, but there are other colours that signify greater achievements. However, the gold one is the top of the tree and is seldom given out.

Queen Elizabeth II has one, as do David Beckham, Tom Daley and JK Rowling. Now Sir Jony joins that club.


He receives the honour on screen as part of a special gadget edition of the show, which will be broadcast on CBBC in the UK on Saturday 16 February at 10am. As well as receiving his shiny new gold badge, Sir Jony he also hands over to Blue Peter presenter Barney Harwood a large Blue Peter badge etched from solid aluminium using the Apple manufacturing tools.

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Ive described the honour of receiving his badge as "absolutely incredible". He was a fan of the show as a child.

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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