Movie memorabilia store Hollywood Parts is selling a full-size, 10ft-tall ED-209 robot from Robocop 2 on eBay. And although there is absolutely no way that Mrs Pocket-lint would allow the thing through the door, we have to say we're tempted.

Built either as a stand-in for the movie itself or for promotional use, the ED-209 has pneumatic cylinders in its legs so can technically move, although the seller claims not to have tested that ability so cannot give any guarantees.

There is electrical wiring present that would have been used originally to control the leg hydraulics and to rotate the upper body, but the company says that it has been in storage for some time.

Hollywood Parts will provide a certificate of authenticity with the ED-209 and ship it anywhere by freight - at the buyer's expense - and it's listed for a whopping $25,000.

It's almost worth that to keep intruders away.

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