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(Pocket-lint) - From this month the Dutch edition of Playboy will feature Layar augmented reality codes in certain parts of the print magazine, to provide interactive elements for readers with a smartphone.

To celebrate, the first Layar-ready issue of Playboy Netherlands has a Layar code on the cover that comes alive when scanned with the Layar app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The three models are presented partially nude and animated in a short video clip.

Beau, Nadie and Lottie are all candidates for Playmate of the Year 2012, with voting instructions inside the issue. Last year's winner, Zimra, is also presented in a Layar video inside, with a secret page unveiling more content to view if the reader can find it.

"We saw some other magazines who were experimenting with Layar," said Patrick Goldsteen, editor in chief of Playboy NL. "This gave us some insights into what we could do with it and we saw some great opportunities to extend the experience of the magazine reader.

"As Playboy we have a great amount of content but are limited to the 114 pages of the magazine. With Layar we virtually have an unlimited amount of possibilities to publish extra content."

Augmented reality applications have been used in many circumstances of late, with Layar rival Zappar partnering with Comic Relief for the official Red Nose Day AR app. Thankfully, Lenny Henry keeps his top on.

watch the playboy cover come alive with layar ar app on android and iphone nsfw image 2

To check out a demo of what to expect with the Layar Playboy NL partnership, download the free Layar app and point it at the cover above. Warning, it's not suitable for work.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.