You only get married once, they say - try telling that to Jordan - so why not make the whole process as memorable as you can, including the proposal itself. And, quite frankly, we can't think of anything that would be more memorable than whipping out a TARDIS engagement ring box while waiting for dessert.

Created by Paul Pape, the Custom Engagement Ring Box was ordered by a Doctor Who fan who wanted to make his proposal that bit more special. It cost $400 just for the box , an there is a light in the top that illuminates both the lamp on the roof and the engagement ring section, which slides upwards.

valentine s day tip ask your loved one to marry you using a tardis ring box image 2

Pape has also created other unique designs based on geeky pursuits. On his site, he details a BioShock Big Daddy engagement ring box and one in the style of a Toy Story toy box.

The ring boxes will cost anywhere from $300 and the final price is dependant on the complexity of the idea. Pape will take a customer's thoughts and ideas and model accordingly.

He will also create cake toppers and favours for the wedding, with a popular style being based on the couple's Xbox Live Avatars.

You can check out more from Paul Pape Designs at