Dropbox is beginning to roll out a series of new features for its cloud-based documents and download service.

The first is a much needed document preview, which transforms Dropbox from more than just a place to store files. You can now preview PDF, Doc, Docx and Powerpoint files, with no Excel support just yet. 

All you need do to see the preview is click on a document and a new window will pop up. These preview feature should be coming to Dropbox's mobile app also.

There is also a photo sharing feature. Dropbox takes everything photo related across all your Dropbox folders and puts them in one single place.

The idea is then that you can  then view all these pics in time order and post them to Facebook and Twitter. You can also create albums from all your photo content on Dropbox to share. Photo sharing is already running in the Android app and will be hitting iOS soon.

The rollout of all the new photo and document functions should happen over the next month.