After its release yesterday, many users of Twitter's new video capture and sharing iPhone application, Vine, found that it wouldn't sign in to Twitter itself - as Pocket-lint found when we first checked out the app.

An update has now arrived that fixes that particular issue. It also adds the ability to update your profile photo through the Camera Roll, enforces a character limit for the username and the biography field, better supports international keyboards, and implements all manner of other crash-related bug fixes.

What it doesn't do, because it has no control over it, is help you find your friends on Facebook for use on Vine. Sadly, Facebook itself has shut down that option, even though it still sits in Vine's settings.

After the Instagram debacle at the end of last year, in which the Facebook-owned picture-sharing service blocked Twitter access to photos, at least if you wanted to see them correctly - and, in the process, forced Twitter to block Instagram posts entirely and release its own equivalent - it seems bad blood still flows between the two social networking giants.

When you try to find and add friends from Facebook who have already signed-up to Vine, you're met with a pop-up and the message: "Vine is not authorised to make this Facebook request." 

Naturally, it works fine with those you follow on Twitter.

So, as Facebook is not playing nice, you will have to add and invite those who are on your FB account individually through email or text. You can search for them to see if they've signed into Vine already, but there's nothing like making things simple for you. And that's nothing like making things simple.

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