Kim Dotcom, founder of popular downloads site Megaupload, has launched his latest endeavor dubbed Mega. Mega is a cloud-storage service for users to store their files online, with other features to come including movie access. 

Right now the feature set of Mega allows users to drag and drop files in its "Cloud Drive" section for later access, in a Dropbox and Google Drive fashion. 

Pricing at launch is €9.99, €19.99 or €29.99 a month, for 500GB, 2TB, and 4TB of cloud storage respectively.

The Mega website is also displaying features such as an inbox and contacts, but early users have noted that the features have not been turned on yet.

For now, Mega seems a little dry on the features front, but the group does seem to be promising some pretty big features in the coming months. 

In a blog post, Mega detailed its plans to add integrated on-site applications that include a calendar, word processor, spreadsheet editor, instant messaging and mobile access. 

For those unfamiliar with Dotcom, his first successful venture, Megaupload , was shut down a year ago today by the US government on the ground of illegal file sharing. Dotcom is fighting various legal battles, and in the meantime, Mega is his latest project. 

The MegaMovie feature that Dotcom has teased on Twitter might be the point at which this service really takes off. You can find a screenshot below.

megaupload founder kim dotcom launches mega online file locker image 1