So, you're sitting on the beach, minding your own business when a mad professor scoots by in a hovering DeLorean car. It may sound like a plot of a hitherto unseen Back to the Future movie, but it genuinely happened to a chap who thought he'd capture the moment on his phone's camera.

Sadly, the floating DeLorean was no time machine. Instead, it was a hovercraft, built to look like a DeLorean after raising $5,644 on Kickstarter in 2010.

The land/water vehicle was built by San Francisco resident Matthew Riese as a personal project, so it's no surprise to see him whizz it around near the Golden Gate Bridge. At least we know he put his Kickstarter funding to good use.

Well, sort of.

You can check out the original Kickstarter project and its updates here.