Tech 21 has announced Impact Shield, which it claims provides the first impact protection for the screens on devices such as the iPhone 5 and iPad.

The Impact Shield has been developed from military-grade materials, adapted from a polymer used in bulletproof glass and aircraft cockpit windows. 

The result, says Tech 21, is a screen protect that will not only withstand direct impact, like being dropped face down, but is also self-healing when it gets scratched.

It sounds a little like witchcraft to us, but you also get bubble-free application of the protective Impact Shield, which doesn't use adhesive, so can be repositioned if you get the application skew-whiff. 

Impact Shield has been designed so it doesn't affect the clarity and colour of the device display and is UV protected, so it doesn't go yellow in the sun. 

The Tech 21 Impact Shield range will be available from Q1 2013 and has approval to be stocked in Apple Stores.

You can also get screen protectors for non-Apple devices, including the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note II.