Although it's been out for iPhone for some time, we like the Invoxia NVX 610. It allows you to plonk an Android phone in its dock slot, charge it and turn it into a desk phone. There's a proper handset too, that's sure to be nicer to hold than your mobile.

The placement of the USB socket in the dock means that this dock phone won't work with all phones, at least not to charge them. For the nuts and bolts of making calls though, you only need Bluetooth, so this device is basically compatible with any phone you care to pair it with. There are two USB sockets for charging, which will come in handy if you're using a phone that won't fit on the dock.

What we like is the slick handset: it's a change from your usual mobile phone, and it feels like a nice way to make calls. You can also make use of VOIP and apps such as Skype. If your phone can use the app, then you can make calls through this phone using it. This opens up a lot of options for use, and should help reduce your monthly phone bill. Invoxia also has its own phone service you can subscribe to.

Quality is important, and Invoxia seems please with this aspect. There are six speakers and four microphones. The goal here is to make sure callers can't hear themselves echoing when in speakerphone. We didn't hear the system, but presumably music is catered for too.

The NVX 610 costs about £400 in the UK, the iPhone version is already available, with the Android one landing soon.