Foursquare is the latest social network to make changes to its terms and conditions, which will be effective from 28 January 2013.

However, Foursquare has taken the time to detail what these changes will be and why they make sense for the location-based social network. The company also revealed that 2012 saw nearly 15 million new users, and the 3 billionth check-in.

There are two changes being made to the privacy policy of Foursquare. The first is to tidy up how your name is shown, so that it's in full - or rather, consistent - across the site/apps. You can of course change what you have on record as your full name if you don't like that. 

The second point is that Foursquare will let businesses see more of the people who check-in. Under the old terms, companies can view only the last three hours' of customers, but in the future this will be extended, so companies can go back and view the whole day, for example.

Again, if you don't want the places you visit to know anything about you, you can opt not to be visible. The idea is that venues can reward their best customers, but some users may be suspicious that this will just be an avenue of marketing for the locations visited.

The changes have been detailed in an email to Foursquare users, making the changes clear and providing links to those relevant account settings and documents online if you want to find out more.