Frontier Developments has released a new teaser trailer that shows some of the early gameplay graphics for Elite: Dangerous - the company's crowd-funded remake of classic retro game Elite.

Having always wanted to revisit the game that entered his name into the all-time great developers, Frontier boss David Braben realised that it would take considerable funding for the project to match his lofty aspirations. As well as featuring a massive universe of planets and star systems to explore, fight and trade within, he wanted Elite: Dangerous to offer a rich population of real-life players - something impossible on the BBC Micros and ZX Spectrums of old.

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That's why Frontier turned to Kickstarter, where it has so far raised £826,000 in pledges on a target of £1.25 million. There's still 15 days to go to attempt to get to the magic figure, but Christmas being in the middle may get in the way.

Therefore, Braben and his company are making a final push. Not only can you now pledge and donate money through PayPal as well as Kickstarter, Frontier has also released a sumptuous teaser trailer that gives you a brief glimpse of what you might expect when the game is finally released in spring 2014.

Enjoy. We certainly have.

You can find out more about Elite: Dangerous, including details on how to pledge on Frontier Developments' Kickstarter page or on the company's own website at