The Queen's Christmas speech is to be shown in 3D for the first time this year, it's reported.

Filmed at Buckingham Palace on Friday, the Queen is expected to speak about the positive impact on the nation of the London Olympics and her Diamond Jubilee - ready for you to watch in 3D, as long as you've got a 3D-ready set and a pair of glasses.

It would be the first time viewers could watch the Royal Family in 3D, after Buckingham Palace prevented Sky using it to record the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding last year.

The Palace said at the time that the audience for 3D was too small. Since then, more and more people have bought televisions that are 3D-ready and there is more content, more readily available from Hollywood studios and Sky.

Sky News, which won the contract to film the Queen's speech, is expected to make the film available to BBC and ITV, but it is unsure yet on which channels it will be available.

For the Olympics and the Wimbledon finals the BBC used its BBC HD channel to offer viewers the 3D footage.

However the Palace or Sky has yet officially to confirm that the annual festive message will be available in 3D - something that hasn't stopped The Sunday Times saying it's a done deal. 

A Sky spokesman refused to comment to The Telegraph on whether the broadcast would be available in 3D, saying: "All I can say is we are producing the Queen's Christmas message this year," while a spokesman for Buckingham Palace was not available for comment.