Motoring fans tend to get a touch left out at Christmas. Chances are, only the luckiest of the lucky will find a shiny new car outside their house on Christmas morning. For the rest, Pocket-lint has come up with a few ideas to bring a smile to the face of any car-nut.

Customisable Christmas is all about doing something unique for your loved ones. You would be surprised just how special you can make a satnav. After a bit of investigation, Pocket-lint has come up with some great ideas for your custom Christmas satnav.

If a satnav is sitting in the stocking this Christmas there is one easy way to make it a much more exciting present. Both TomTom and Garmin do a large number of custom satnav voices which you can download and install. These range from Darth Vader to Indiana Jones and feature a complex set of direction instructions.

customisable christmas satnav accessories image 3

The voices can even be used in conjunction with the TomTom smartphone app and aren’t particularly expensive, at around £5 each. The trick is installing them on to a device and keeping things secret. That way when the recipient sets off to test out their new piece of kit, they get a nice surprise.

Taking the idea of the in-car satnav that little bit further, it is possible to have an aftermarket one fitted to just about any car, using a decent garage or parts shop. A lot of this depends on which car you have, but using the Mini as an example, you can get specially made mounts that match the car’s tachometer. These can then be installed with a satnav built inside, doing away with the usually blocky satnav mount. It gives a custom feel to the car and insures you can still get from A to B just as easily.

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A search of the web shows plenty of car owners who have found clever ways to hide satnavs in their instrument clusters. A bit of hunting and you should be able to come up with something very special for the recipient's car. Prices will vary - it just depends if you are doing this with a Ferrari or a Ford.

This is another one you will want to do before you hand the satnav over for Christmas. For the more adventurous, why not pre-load the device with the locations of all the rest of your presents. Tie that in with the best drive route you can think of and you have a nice Christmas morning adventure.

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Make sure that wherever you put the presents they remain well hidden, or light fingers might get to them before your treasure hunt does. As for pricing, this isn’t going to cost you anything - apart from the cost of the presents to be found. A fun twist on a fairly standard present.