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(Pocket-lint) - RBS and Nat West customers will be the first in the UK to sign up to Visa's digital wallet online payment system, V.me. An initial trial has already started, with a full rollout expected to get under way from spring 2013.

V.me is essentially Visa's answer to PayPal. It stores customers' details, including check-out information and shipping preferences, so all you have to do is tap the V.me button on a store's homepage and the whole process is done for you.

Obviously, there are plenty of security checks, and the same Visa guarantees and practices are in place, but you can use it to pay from any of your cards or accounts, not just Visa-centric ones.

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The V.me button works online, so can be used through PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and the service will also soon be available in Spain and France too.

Mariano Dima, executive vice-president at Visa Europe, said: "We are delighted to announce RBS as the launch partner for Visa Europe’s V.me digital wallet in the UK. Visa is committed to making online payments even easier and more secure, and our partners such as RBS are helping us make this vision a reality.

"It is our intention to make the V.me brand as trusted and well known for digital payments as the Visa brand is on the high street today.”

Writing by Rik Henderson.