Kitchen gadgets have been around for a long time: clever bottle openers, funky knife blocks and colourful place mats all make great stocking fillers.

But why not take a leaf out of Pocket-lint’s Customisable Christmas book and get a specially made kitchen gadget for your loved one?

Personalized kitchen knives

You can’t beat a great set of kitchen knives - or you can if you go one further and get them engraved. offers a big selection of some of the best kitchen knives around, from Wusthof to the hugely expensive Sakai Takayuki.

customisable christmas kitchen gadgets image 1

Pick one and then head over to the knives and tools logo studio where your message, monogram or whatever is imprinted on the blade. You can choose from a selection of fonts and upload your own image, as long as it's in black and white to enable clear printing on the metal. Prices of the knives vary, but the personalisation is done at no extra cost.

Customised coffee maker

Engraving is all well and good, but how about having a totally bespoke coffee-maker? Originally for coffee shops and small businesses, but Top moka Italia will print anything on to a coffee pot, engrave the top and even let you choose the colour.

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The whole thing comes nicely wrapped in a decent package, making it a quick and easy gift with a proper personal touch. Use the contact form online for information on pricing.

Custom printed fridge wrap

This is going to require some late-night sneaking about if you want to make for a genuine surprise. It isn’t easy to shift a fridge about, but if you can manage to do it quietly, then a custom printed fridge wrap is a great way to bring something unique to your kitchen.

customisable christmas kitchen gadgets image 3

Digital Display Printing will print a sticker to any size and with any image. We suggest going for the highest resolution picture you have as these are going to be big prints. Then you simply stick them to your fridge. Make sure you measure the dimensions exactly as they come pre-cut.

At around £60 for the average fridge front, this is a great way to bring something exciting to your kitchen. They can be picked up here. Oh and the royal wedding offering is just a suggestion and one which we suggest you don't go for. 

Thanks to Cutest Food for the santa cupcakes pic.