Comet, the UK consumer electronics retailer that was placed in administration just over a week ago, has now started its expected fire sale, with every single item in store reduced.

Administrator Deloitte has posted a large notice on the brand's webpage that leaves no doubt as to urgency of selling off the troubled firm's entire stock.

"Massive stock liquidation," it says in large lettering. "Everything reduced. Now on. In-store only."

There's little else on the website, save for store locations around the UK, a Q&A about the administration and an explanation of Deloitte's unusual stance of re-accepting gift cards after it formerly suspended them. There are, however, some cards that will still not be accepted, neither will vouchers sent to mobile phones via SMS.

One thing to remember before you race to your local Comet store to pick up a brand new TV, you will not be able to get a refund if it turns out to be faulty. The same goes for other items. You will be covered by the manufacturers' warranty schemes, so will have to deal with them direct if there are any issues.

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