Westminster City Council plans to make all 14,000 street lamps in the centre of London "smart" over the next four years. This basically means they will be able to tell engineers armed with iPads when they need servicing or have broken down.

The scheme will cost £3.25 million in total, but is expected to pay for itself in energy and maintenance savings within seven years. After that time, equipping its service engineers with Apple's tablet devices will save the council - and therefore the tax payer - £420,000 a year.

"This provides people in Westminster with the light they require to feel secure and continue to function safely in a 24-hour city," said councillor Ed Argar

“It also will reduce our energy bill by nearly £1 million every two years- a huge saving that we can pass on to the taxpayer.”

While members of the public won't have control over the lamps in the streets, Philips has recently unveiled its home-centric hue light bulb system that offers iPad, iPhone and - to a more limited extent - Android control over its colours and illumination settings.

Pic: (cc) forzadagro