Coca-Cola has launched a website that calculates how much exercise you need to do to compensate for every fizzy drink you consume.

For example, one can of regular Coca-Cola – 139 calories - and the 'Work It Out Calculator' will inform you that you’ll need to hit the treadmill for 17 minutes, play squash for 11 minutes, partake in some yoga for 32 minutes or even indulge in a spot of salsa dancing for 14 minutes.

Coca-Cola provides an extensive list of all of its most popular drinks, including Sprite and Oasis, while activities are divided into “popular”, “around the home”, “with the family”, “for a rainy day”, “more time to spare” and “something different”.

If fizzy drinks aren’t your particular vice, you can select a 50, 100, 150 or 200 kilocalorie tab which will again suggest ways in which you can ensure a healthy balance.

While we applaud Coca-Cola’s intentions, there is of course an easier way to avoid piling on the calories. Don’t drink Coke.

That said, after indulging in a can of Cherry Coke at lunchtime, we’re off to mow the lawn for 22 minutes.