Popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter has expanded from today, to allow UK businesses and projects to seek crowd funding in pounds rather than dollars.

While some UK firms were able to start their project listings earlier this month, the projects  could not be completed until after 31 October, and have only now gone live. Other UK businesses had got around the locality issue in the past by having a registered address in the States, but that's not required now.

UK listings on the site will appear alongside those from the US, although the funding will be listed in pounds and pence rather than dollars and cents. And the new project listing wizard can be set to full addresses in the United Kingdom, including postcodes.

Some of the UK projects seeking funding that are launched today include full-colour comic book Black Belt High based in London, Dead Infection - a short zombie movie based in Brighton, and a Glasgow-based amateur stage production of the Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman book Good Omens.

We expect plenty of others to have been posted by the end of play today.