Swype, the virtual keyboard app that learns the way you type, is available now as an updated beta, enabling you to sync your personal dictionary among multiple devices, as well as continually adding new topical words.

Any words you add to your personal dictionary, such as a nickname or abbreviation, can now be backed up to Swype on one device, before synching with any other tablets or smartphones on which you use the application.

In addition, Swype will automatically update “hotwords” that are being typed by its community. However, should you have no use of the term “Gangnam Style” in your vocabulary, for example, this function can be switched off.

For tablet users there are now three different keyboard layouts: a standard version, a small and moveable variant and a split keyboard. Users can continue to pimp their layout with ten different themes. 

Swype gives users four options of entering text. One is Swype’s own method of dragging your finger from letter to letter. Otherwise you can type as normal, scribble down your words or dictate them. 

Swype learns the way you type text messages or emails, suggesting words you would commonly use after only a few key presses. The app supports multiple languages including Chinese and Japanese.

The new beta version of Swype is available to download from beta.swype.com, while existing users can update over-the-air by clicking on the Updates menu in the app.