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(Pocket-lint) - Virgin America is hoping to change the way people interact with the back-of-the-seat TV in its airlines in the coming months as it looks to go social at 35,000ft.

"We will have something next year that will blow people away. We will have a nicer, bigger monitor," explains David Cush, Virgin America CEO, talking up the new system in a promotional video.

Virgin has teamed up with Salesforce to enhance its understanding of its customers and while that should mean it understands who you are from the moment you check-in, it will also mean that the airline is able to personalise your flight needs even more.

virgin america to introduce new intelligent social personalised in flight entertainment system image 3

"The key thing is we will be able to communicate with that monitor and personalise it," says Cush. "Called Chatter, the new system will be able to help Virgin America create a personalised experience not only on what they know, but also based on what they want us to do on that particular flight."

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According to Cush, the system will be able to greet you, know what you like and know who you are going to want to talk to, based on information pulled from your social connections.

virgin america to introduce new intelligent social personalised in flight entertainment system image 4

The company hopes that by doing so, knowing you've got to get on an aircraft for six hours is something you'll look forward to rather than seeing it as "dead time". As the video shows - around 1:45 in - Virgin America is looking to not just give you details about your flying club points, but also base entertainment choices on what you've watched before or eaten on previous trips. Clever. 

The comments from Cush come as Virgin Atlantic has starts to roll out a new touchscreen entertainment system on some of its Virgin Atlantic flights. Aside from a new cabin design, VA has added Trans-Atlantic roaming for smartphone users, allowing them to surf the internet while somewhere over the Atlantic.

Writing by Stuart Miles.