The organisation behind the hugely popular Radioplayer website on Friday  launched a new app that will let you listen to BBC radio stations alongside commercial radio in the UK, in the hope that it will make it easier to listen to radio on the go.

Called Radioplayer, the new app will be available on Android and iOS initially, and boasts a range of features including an innovative "station scroller" that lets you see lots of radio stations at once scrolling on your screen, a search engine to access live and catch-up radio, plus the ability for users to set up their favourite stations, browse radio that’s local or trending, and share listening via social media. 

With  "UK radio in one place" users can listen to all the BBC radio stations, plus others such as Kiss FM, Heart, Capital and smaller local radio stations.

The app comes with the ability to pause the radio station but not record it - although popular shows are available after the fact, if they have been made available by the station.

You do, of course, need to have connectivity for the free app to work.