A Kickstarter project claims to have developed the world’s smallest folding mobile Bluetooth keyboard - so small, in fact, that it can fit in your pocket.

Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, the keyboard features a five-way foldable hinge system that enables the Bluetooth accessory to be folded into a cube. Once opened, the keyboard measures 8.5-inches wide - which should provide plenty of room for manoeuvre when banging out those emails or filing docs on the go. 

A detachable cradle clips on to the back of the keyboard and can hold a tablet device or smartphone in either portrait or landscape. By detaching the cradle you can adjust the distance of the screen accordingly.

foldable bluetooth keyboard that can fit in your pocket looks for kickstarter funding image 6

The keyboard is the brainchild of Jorno, and the developers promise the rechargeable battery will provide enough juice to last a month, though the caveat here is that this is based on “normal usage”.

Jorno has previously been associated with providing input solutions for touchscreens. With its Kickstarter campaign coming to an end, Jorno hopes its physical foldable keyboard will generate enough funding to mass-produce.

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