All of the major mobile network operators in the UK are set to meet with communications regulators later today over Great Britain and Northern Ireland's 4G plans.

Several operators claim EE has been given an unfair advantage by the Ofcom decision to allow it to launch 4G services using part of its existing network. They are to ask the independent regulator and the government to bring forward the auction for the rest of the spectrum allocated to 4G, which was originally scheduled for early 2013.

If an agreement can be made, it is likely that O2 and Vodafone, the most vocal in their disapproval, will allow EE to go ahead with its prospective 4G public launch at the end of October.

The UK government's new Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport, Maria Miller, will chair the meeting and will be hoping all parties will be satisfied enough to prevent appeals and, therefore, delays.

It is also being reported by the BBC, which spoke to a source from within a network operator, that another demand is that EE must not hinder the operation of Mitco. The organisation's remit is to examine and deal with possible interference the new 4G services may have on digital television services and other radio frequencies.