Fitness fans will now be able to see how their performances measure against the world’s wildlife, with a new tie up between fitness app RunKeeper and

The idea is that you connect your RunKeeper or Fitbit data to the service and it will automatically create an infographic entitled In The Long Run detailing your running performance compared to that of a panda or grizzly bear, for example.

runkeeper will now measure your performance against wild animals image 2

Your stats are displayed on a page you can then share called In The Long Run, complete with a cartoon picture of what animal you have outrun and your furthest distance achieved before it suggests you come to a bloody end by showing the next animal to beat feasting on what’s supposedly you.

It’s all good fun and the same infographic will list how many times you’ve run in the past week, month and year, how many hours you’ve spent using RunKeeper and the total number of days and miles spent on the run.

runkeeper will now measure your performance against wild animals image 3

If running against (virtual) wildlife doesn’t appeal, you can invite friends to Notch through Facebook, enabling you to see each other’s achievements and thus bringing some competitive rivalry to proceedings.

While the inforgraphic isn't likely to help improve your performance in the short term it will give you plenty of goals to beat. Nobody wants to say they are slower than a Komodo Dragon now do they?

A quick test with Pocket-lint founder Stuart Miles, shows us that he can run further than a panda, but not far enough to outrun a grizzly bear - better not go down to the woods today, hey Stuart.