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(Pocket-lint) - This morning was another one of those mornings. Get an invite to fight through the London rush hour to see Joanna Lumley at a TalkTalk launch or not? As it turned out, the whole affair was so ridiculously surreal - as you'd expect from a luminary of British TV - that we couldn't feel cross about the hike across town. And the event bonus was that Ms Lumley called us all "darlings" too, and that's a "money can't buy" experience. Unless you're TalkTalk, in which case your money can, and did, buy it. 

The purpose of all this was to launch YouView on TalkTalk. A service that's been around for a couple of months now, but that will be installed in homes of TalkTalk customers for the first time this weekend. And, of course, being TV royalty, Ms Lumley had plenty to say.


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It turns out she is the biggest fan of TV too. The surreal Fawlty Towers and Only Fools and Horses tributes are fun for her, because as well as being on TV for most of her working life, she's also an ardent fan of the medium.

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She told us that it was striking that her children and grandchildren were living in a world where they could select TV on-demand, rather than having to sit around waiting for it to come on the tellybox - our word, not hers, she's too wonderfully posh for such nonsense. And she heaped praise on the YouView box, saying she thought it was brilliant.

And if we're honest, it is Ms Lumley's generation that is being targeted here with this easy-to-use set-top-box. But TalkTalk CEO Dido Harding also told us she fully expects that eventually, every one of its 4 million customers would have a TalkTalk YouView box. If she can pull that off, we'll be very impressed indeed.

You can read our initial thoughts of the TalkTalk YouView box in our hands-on first look.

Writing by Ian Morris.