(Pocket-lint) - A new app is giving revellers the chance to choose what music gets played at their local bar or pub. 

The Secret DJ app provides more than 1,000 tracks with users able to select what gets played on the venue's sound system with a few virtual key presses. The more regularly you visit a venue and use the app, the more priority your chosen track will be given.

The app - brainchild of a collective of DJs, musicians and developers called c-burn - has links to both Amazon and iTunes, enabling users to purchase any tracks they like the sound of. They will also be able to favourite them through Spotify.

A social stream provides live updates of where other Secret DJ users are located in terms of venues, as well as details of the names of tracks playing where they are.

The app has only just become available on Android but has been available on the iOS devices for the past year. During that time c-burn has been able to build up more relationships with drinking establishments, ensuring that the app is compatible with more venues. These include Capital Pub Company, Meatliquor, Youngs, Brewdog and Greene King bars and pubs.

The Secret DJ app is now available free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Writing by Danny Brogan.