Washing machines just got cool, thanks to a new model from Bauknecht that tears up the rulebook on how kitchen appliances should look.

Bauknecht, the European brand of Whirlpool, commissioned German designer Arman Emami to come up with something different for its new washing machine. So what did Emami do? He got rid of corners. 

So far the washing machine is unnamed, simply being referred to as the “Bauknecht round washing machine” and is only a prototype. However, Bauknecht hopes the appliance, which resembles something akin to a jet engine, gives us a glimpse into what the future holds and make sure your washing machine is something that you want to show off rather than hide in the cupboard or utility room. 

the washing machine that s round stylish and on our wish list image 2

“Although the pragmatic, box-like shape of normal washing machines is logical, it’s totally lacking in emotion,” Arman Emami said of his design.

It’s not often we’d get this excited about an appliance that cleans our dirty laundry, but then our run of the mill washing machine doesn’t look like Bauknecht’s futuristic design. 

Would you buy a washing machine like this, or do you think that the humble washing machine should be hidden out of sight rather than be the centre of attention in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.

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