Creepy or creative, we can’t quite decide, but one thing’s for sure: the Aeroskull speakers from Jarre Technologies are certainly eye catching.

The manufacturer - founded by synthesiser enthusiast and he of Oxygene fame, Jean Michel Jarre – has begun selling the Aeroskull docking speaker in a range of 11 colours, including purple, red, silver and blue.

Each skull – yes the speakers really are in the shape of a naked head – sports a pair of sunglasses that hide two 15 Watt speakers, while the back houses a 40 watt subwoofer.

jarre aeroskull docking speaker really is shaped like a skull image 2

Though the Aeroskull can be used as a docking station for an iPhone 4S (you’ll need an adapter for the iPhone 5) or iPod, the speakers are Bluetooth compatible and also comes boxed with a 3.5mm jack cable to hook up other devices. The Aeroskull comes with an IR remote control and weighs 4.5kg.

So how much for one of these skeletal speaker systems? The Jarre Aeroskull will be available in the UK from October for £349.