iPhone apps ready for iOS 6 have started appearing in the App Store as developers rush to get their app ready for the new iOS 6 update that rolls out today and the iPhone 5 that launches on Friday 21 September.

The first apps include third-party Twitter client Tweetbot, Temple Run, and read-it-later app Pocket.

Developers looking to take advantage of the new longer iPhone 5 screen have to update their app manually to support the new resolution.

Apple iOS 6 review

New apps ready for the new iOS 6 update are expected to come flooding in, not only to improve screen resolution changes and to stop the black bars either side of the app, but also to support new features like Passbook.

Apple iPhone 5 review

One such app that has already confirmed it will be supporting the new feature is Eventbrite.

"We'll integrate with Passbook so people can have also see all their tickets to events on Eventbrite. The thing that makes this compelling/unique is the breadth of events on our platform - from yoga classes and HTML workshops to huge festivals and concerts," the company told Pocket-lint.

"All these tickets will be accessible in Passbook via Eventbrite integration. One factoid is that we've had more than 500K events on our platform so far this year, so all the attendees to those events could leverage our integration." 

Get ready to start hitting the update button on your apps from today.