A new music format has been created to ensure no song sounds the same, no matter how many times you play it.

“Bronze” alters the components in a song each time you listen to it, which in turn subtly makes it sound different with every listen. 

The sound-adjusting format was created by researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London along with musician Gwilym Gold who has used the technology in his debut solo album Tender Metal. 

"Bronze is a brand new creative process, where the composition and production of a musical piece no longer requires the final work to exist in a static form,” said Dr Mick Grierson, of Goldsmiths' Department of Computing. 

“It can be used for any genre, including organised, highly structured music such as rock, pop and dance music.

"The quality is equal to that achieved through professional authoring tools. The track will be subtly different each time, while still retaining the quality and balance of the original mix." 

Tender Metal, complete with Bronze music formatting, is available from iTunes for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The technology will soon also be rolled out to Android, PC and Apple desktops.