Via.Me, the app that lets you share files across multiple social networks from one portal, is now available on the Android platform.

Created by developer RadiumOne, the app enables users to create, filter and share files including pictures, videos and even audio files across the likes of Facebook or Twitter in just two clicks.

Pictures can be edited and customised with one of Via.Me’s 17 different photo filters and instant notifications can be set up to alert you the second someone you follow posts something on Via.Me. 

As well as posting your digital files to your social networks, anything you do share will also be added to your own Via.Me storyboard where other Via.Me friends can view, listen and comment on them

The Via.Me iPhone app already has more than a million users, while the website boasts over 12 millions unique visitors a month.

Via.Me for Android is now available to download for free from the Google Play store and is compatible with any phone that runs at least Android 2.2. The app is already available to download on iOS devices.