A new app for the iPhone means you can plan your own funeral right down to the very last detail before you head to the Apple store in the sky. 

The iFuneral app enables you to select your religion, what songs you want played, how you want to be dressed, the style of coffin and the cortege arrangements. You can even put in any special requests for the big day - you know say if you wanted to be buried with your first ever Panini football sticker album. No? Just us then.

planning your own funeral there s an app for that ifuneral image 2

The iFuneral app enables you to enter details of your next-of-kin or specific friends who you want to be notified of your wishes when the end comes.

It’s all quite morbid, but one thing’s for sure, iFuneral certainly supports the notion that there really is an app for pretty much everything, right to the end.