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(Pocket-lint) - Mozilla, the community behind the Firefox browser, has pushed out Firefox 15 to Firefox users around the world with a promise of better speeds, better stability and a better experience for those who want to play games in their browser.

"Firefox makes your Web experience faster by reducing memory usage when browsing with certain add-ons. The improvements make browsing smoother and more responsive," says the organisation announcing the news in a blog post. "Firefox adds features that make it easier for developers to build amazing Web experiences."

Gaming is seen by many as the next battleground for browsers, as companies look to more ways of making the browser the default window for all our internet life, rather than just for surfing news sites like Pocket-lint or doing the odd bit of shopping.

With that in mind, Mozilla has now introduced support for compressed textures to Firefox, allowing game developers to take full advantage of video memory to build graphics-heavy games without losing performance.

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You can see what all that means in the real world by playing Bananabread, a 3D first-person shooter that works in the browser without any plug-ins (as seen in the video above, if you can't be bothered to load it in your own browser). 

The new update is available by opening the Firefox browser you already use and going to About Firefox in the menu, or via the Mozilla website.

Writing by Stuart Miles.