Dropbox is looking to beef-up security for users of the popular cloud-based file sharing and backup service by introducing two-step verification.

Currently in the pre-release experimental phase, Dropbox has invited users of its forums to try the service in advance of general release.

Two-step verification will add an additional level of security over and above a simple username and password on your Dropbox account. Google offers the same feature for user accounts too, and both require the input of a code sent either by SMS or from a mobile authenticator app. 

Two-step verification will be a user option that has to be enabled on your account, affecting your account across all devices. The move should be welcomed by those worried about cloud security.

To get access to two-step verification now, head over to the Dropbox forums and ensure you're running the latest forum build of the Dropbox software (different from the general release software).

The instructions are given on the forum page, but remember this is still in the experimental phase, so may be prone to the odd bug. The general release is said to be coming in the next few days.