It's been known for a while that Zeebox - the social media TV platform from ex-BBC iPlayer chief Anthony Rose - is to launch in the US, but there was no specific time frame touted as to when it would appear.

Now Rose himself has said that the US and Australian versions of Zeebox will launch in the "next 30 - 45 days".

Speaking at the Edinburgh International TV Festival currently taking place in Scotland, and tweeted by CNN International journalist Peter Bale (@peterbale), the Zeebox co-founder and CTO confirmed that a global expansion was imminent.

Zeebox launched in the UK in November 2011 and is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and through an online browser. It essentially allows users to follow live social media comments about the TV programmes they are watching, using an easy-to-understand EPG style interface.

Pocket-lint reported earlier this year on the company working with new partners to bring enhanced features to Zeebox, including Shazam-style TV show recognition, but there's yet to be word on when that might be integrated.