TShirtOS, the high-tech washable T-shirt that has a built-in flexible display and the ability to talk to your phone so you can share Twitter updates, Facebook posts or Instagram pictures, has made it out of the lab to spend a night on the tiles, showing us just how it works in "real-life environments"

Created by Ballantine’s whisky and clothing company CuteCurcuit, the one-of-a-kind prototype features a large flexible LED screen with a resolution of 1024 pixels, spaced 1cm apart, in a 32 by 32 pixel grid embedded into the fabric of the T-shirt.

As you can see from the video, the T-shirt also has a camera for taking pictures, two headphone jacks - one for the headphone and the second for a headset/ microphone option - and an accelerometer presumably to know whether you are standing up or lying down enjoying the breeze.

The two chaps in the video take it out for a spin trying to woo a girl, but end up using the T-shirt in a variety of ways - including doubling it up as a karaoke lyric reader and getting into a fight, all with the help of the accompanying iPhone app.

Party time.