Plug your iPhone or iPod device into the AOC myStage display dock and you’ll be able to beam your photos and videos on to its 23-inch full HD display. 

The myStage dock (which also goes by the name AOC e2343Fi) display offers a 50,000,000:1 DCR contrast (1,000:1 typical) so any photos or videos you have stored on your Apple device shouldn’t become too pixilated. You’ll also be able to stream YouTube along with other video-sharing sites. 

iCloud content can also be synched with the myStage dock, as can iTunes when you connect a Mac or PC via a USB cable. In addition there’s VGA and HDMI support.

aoc s mystage iphone docking display features 23 inch full hd display image 2

In terms of audio, AOC has fitted two premium SRS loudspeakers each with a 5-Watt capacity into the myStage dock’s stand. While your iPhone or iPod is docked, the AOC myStage will also charge your device even while it’s being used. 

As innovative as the AOC myStage might be, we do have reservations, as ultimately it’s providing a service that’s already available either via Apple’s AirPlay or by simply plugging your iPhone into an HDTV via an HDMI port.

The AOC myStage iPhone dock display is available now for around £224.

Do you see the appeal in the AOC myStage dock display? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below...

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