Rip your CDs on to AVA Media's Rip-N-Play music server and you’ll have access to your entire music collection no matter where you are. 

Music can be streamed to nearly any musical outlet, including DLNA devices, computers and mobile phones. More than 6,000 CDs can be stored on the server, depending on whether you rip files in FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless) or MP3 formats.

Each time you insert a CD into the server to be ripped, all album information and cover art will automatically be added.

Download the Subsonic mobile app and users will be able to access and control their entire music library via their iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry device. In addition, it can also be accessed with a computer via a web browser.

Made from aluminium, the Rip-N-Play box measures 54 x 332 x 185mm and is available to buy now. A 1TB version of Rip-N-Play will set you back £799, while a 2TB variant costs £999.

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