TShirtOS, that's the name of a new high-tech washable T-shirt that has a built-in flexible display and the ability to talk to your phone so you can share Twitter updates, Facebook posts or Instagram pictures.

Created by Ballantine’s whisky and clothing company CuteCurcuit, the one-of-a-kind prototype features a large flexible LED screen has a resolution of 1024 pixels, spaced 1cm apart, in a 32 by 32 pixel grid embedded into the fabric of the T-shirt.

tshirtos programmable t shirt shows us the future of wearable tech image 3

But that's not all: the T-shirt also has a camera for taking pictures, two headphone jacks -one for the headphone and the second for a headset/ microphone option - and an accelerometer to presumably know whether you are standing up or lying down enjoying the breeze.

“The T-shirt is the original canvas of self-expression. It was the Facebook status before there was a Facebook status," says Peter Moore, global brand director. "Whether you wore the Smiley Face, Che Guevara or Frankie Says Relax, your favourite T-shirt tells the world something about you. Ballantine’s has taken that thought and made it bigger.” 

tshirtos programmable t shirt shows us the future of wearable tech image 2

All that combined with a microprocessor that has Bluetooth in it means that the T-shirt can talk to the iPhone (no word on Android support as yet) in your pocket and use its power to do cool and groovy things like taking pictures and automatically uploading images to Instagram.