The AudioOffice from invoixa, which enables video calls on the iPhone or iPad to be made with an actual, physical wired handset has gone on sale.

The docking station is available from for $299 (US) and enables business users to hold better quality conference video calls by using a traditional phone handset that helps to eliminate background noise.

Skype, FaceTime and Google Talk can all be used with the AudioOffice, which houses a Cortex A8 processor and pairs up to iOS devices via Bluetooth.

audioffice dock brings a wired handset to ios video calls image 2

Should you not wish to use the wired handset, there are four wide bandwidth speakers and two digital mics, which means you can still make and receive calls, as well as play any music loaded on your device, with the receiver still docked. 

Other devices with a USB port can also be hooked up to ivoxia’s AudioOffice, though the experience is optimised for the iPad and iPhone.

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