A British creative agency has been tasked with providing the visual effects for the “world’s biggest ever musical”, due to be staged at the Olympic Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing.

Studio Output will use VFX, projection mapping and LED animation that will be displayed across 10,000 square metres of LED screens for the Fascination musical that will run for three years.

The total number of LED screens to be used equates to around 53 large cinema screens and the musical’s visual area will be as large as three football pitches wide and 16 double decker buses high (20,000 metres squared). 

“This project has all the elements needed to become a truly iconic, epic piece of creative work. Being able to work on such a scale, with no restriction on production quality for such a large audience is not something we could have ever imagined doing in the UK,” said Ian Hambleton, Partner and Creative Director, Studio Output.

Around 1.5 million people are expected to attend Fascination throughout the duration of the three-year show, with up to 10,000 spectators a night. Each performance requires 600 performers and 200 production staff.

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