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(Pocket-lint) - A website developer has created a map of the internet showcasing the 350,000 biggest websites from around the world.

Ruslan Enikeev has gathered sites from 196 countries and mapped them out as a World Wide Web solar system. Sites are symbolised by circles or “stars" and are grouped together by nationality and topic. The bigger the star, the bigger the website.


Each nation is designated a shade of colour with Russia getting red, China yellow, Japan purple, America turquoise and the UK light blue. 

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The biggest stars, as one might expect, are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Yahoo, but there’s a search bar that can be used to try to find specific websites – though it’s worth noting that you need to include the domain (eg, .com or .co.uk) - or countries.

Having searched for Pocket-lint.com we were pleased to see it had made the grade.

internet map displays 350 000 biggest websites as shining stars and yes pocket lint is there image 2

Though the Internet Map is not for profit, Enikeev is asking for donations to keep the site up and running. To make a donation visit the website http://internet-map.net/ where you’ll also be able to browse the map.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.