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(Pocket-lint) - Cinema-goers are going to be encouraged to make as much noise as possible before The Dark Knight film begins at five selected cinemas across the UK.

Men’s deodorant brand Lynx will be showing the world’s first-ever sound-activated cinema ad with audiences being able to choose from five different scenarios by cheering for their favourite.

Audiences will be shown a 30-second clip of how the Lynx guy maintains his "brainy" girlfriend. Four further five-second clips featuring a high-maintenance girl, a flirty girl, a party girl and a sporty girl will then follow. 

The girl who receives the most noise will appear in the full advert shown just before the film begins.

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world s first sound activated cinema ad to be played before the dark knight rises image 2

All the participating cinemas – the Odeon in Manchester, Liverpool, Braehead (Scotland), Wimbledon and Kingston - will be fitted with an audio trigger that measures the level of noise before relaying this back to a server, which deciphers the results.

The campaign is to promote Lynx’s Sport Blast 2 in1 Shower Gel & Shampoo and by engaging directly with the audience is sure to be the talk of the locker room, though whether this banter will be more about the girls than the product we couldn’t possibly comment.

Though Lynx can lay claim to having the world’s first-ever sound-activated cinema ad, it’s not the first time we’ve seen interactive advertising.

Microsoft recently unveiled its NUads advertising platform that looks to bring interactive adverts to Xbox Live.

Let us know if you visit one of the Odeon cinemas where the Lynx advert is played. Tell us what you thought...

Writing by Danny Brogan.