Any hope that Mac users would get Office 2013 at the same time as it arrives on PCs have been dashed by Microsoft.

But before Mac owners start writing a strongly worded email to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, there is some good news - namely that they will get access to SkyDrive.

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based storage service that enables users to backup and retrieve documents and files. An update to Office for Mac 2011 will enable Mac users to have access to this for the first time.

However, that is where the perks end for Mac users. Speaking to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesman said: "We haven’t announced the next release of Office for Mac.”

In fairness, Microsoft has never rolled out its latest version of Office to Macs at the same time as its own computers, letting its own customers enjoy the fruits of its labour before making it available to its competitors.

Any hope that Office 2013 would be different appears now to be over, though access to SkyDrive sweetens the blow.

Both Office 2013 for PCs and the Office 2011 update for Macs will be rolled out later this year.

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