Need a room for the night but nothing booked? You want to download Blink Booking, an app that offers same-day hotel bookings from your mobile.

The app can be downloaded to any iOS device or Android smartphone (an optimised Android tablet version is coming) and lists the four most attractive hotel offers in your designated city. There are currently more than 50 cities across the world to choose from.

blink booking mobile app delivers best possible deals on last minute hotel bookings image 2

Blink Booking decides the chosen four at 11am every morning, based on price and location. Blink Booking says this ensures that its app delivers the best possible last-minute deals, better than any found on the internet, with savings of up to 40 per cent. You can also make a booking in just four clicks.

Currently the Blink Booking app has eight UK cities on its database, but this will grow. Those currently available are London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Brighton, Leeds, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

The Blink Booking app can be downloaded now for free from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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