Sad news: the Earth has been destroyed. This should make you cross. If it doesn't, then Strikefleet Omega isn't for you, because this is a game about avenging the destruction of your homeworld.

The principal itself is quite simple, you have to kill aliens. The bad news is that their mission is to put a stop to your living too.


Free (with optional in-app purchases)

Google Play

Possibly the best bit about Strikefleet Omega is the graphics. High resolutions mean that everything looks beautiful on a phone, and should look pretty terrific on a tablet too. The animation and design is top-notch, so although this game is free, it feels like a lot of love has gone into it.

Of course, we say free, but like so many games these days there is the possibility of in-app purchases. In our playing time, we never felt like we had to pay for enhancements, but the time where it might be helpful is on the horizon. Paying money means you can get more advantages on each level, and buy bigger and better ships to help you defend against those miserable aliens.

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To control your attack and defence, you must draw a line from your ship, to where you want your attack fleet to go. Once they get there, they turn back and come home. So you need to watch where the enemy is coming from, send your ships there in good time and then get them to the next place before more enemy arrive and destroy your motherships. This is actually quite hard, but it's what makes the game a challenge, and what also makes it entertaining to play.

Things get harder, as you'd expect, the volume of alien attacks gets greater, and you have to bring in more ships to help. Plus you need to do mining, to get more resources. There's a lot going on here, and that again makes it quite fun.

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The pacing is good too. While we found it a challenge, it was never so hard that we got bored, or so easy we lost interest. Upgrading ships with the cash you earn adds even more strategy to the game, as good upgrades make a huge difference to the perofmance of your fleet. We also like the fact that you can add one "booster" in, to help you with some aspect of the game. You can pay for more too - up to three in total. They do things like boost your ships repair, or give you more attack firepower. Another thing to think about, but this stuff makes it fun.

What are you waiting for? There's revenge to be had - go to it!