Before we go any further we need to warn you to turn down your speakers or volume before watching this video, it can get pretty loud. However, it's definitely worth it as it's one of the funniest things Pocket-lint has seen for some time. It even made us cry.

Not as much as the organisers of the San Diego Fireworks 2012 display. And theirs weren't tears of laughter neither.

Due to an "overzealous backup file" on the triggering computer, every one of the 7,000 fireworks set for the Fourth of July celebrations over San Diego Bay went off simultaneously, creating a quite unique display that lasted a mere 30 seconds. Think more Easter Island than Disneyland.

Contractor Garden State Fireworks explained the problem in a statement. "Contrary to numerous opinions and theories, the simultaneous ignition was not due to any sabotage or massive computer hardware failure," it said.

"The display sequence started exactly when it was expected to and the systems executed the file the way it appeared. Sadly, the file executed was the double file created in the back-up plan download process."

Needless to say, Garden State Fireworks is devastated by the end result, even though it's become one of the most viewed virals of the week.

The video above was captured and posted on to YouTube by danwroy who filmed it on a Canon EOD 60D he borrowed from his local church. He certainly saw the light that night.

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