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(Pocket-lint) - Lady Gaga's Little Monsters is no mere fan site, official or otherwise. Where many stars' websites would be content to just share news and gig dates with a basic comment system being the only way for like-minded souls to interact, Gaga's is a social network in its own right.

Until this week, littlemonsters.com has been available only to those who signed up for the Beta testing phase, but now its doors are open for anyone to sign up.

Its charm lies in its ease-of-use, resembling a cross between Facebook and Pinterest. Fans can effectively pin pictures to the home screen, with a Facebook-style comment and chat system accompanying each item.

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You can sign up through Facebook, Twitter or idependently using your email address, and the former two options can then further spread your love for the popstrel on the more conventional social forums.

As well as the homescreen, there are several chat rooms to enter for live discourse, and you can start a chat room of your own if none of the listed subjects interests you.

Of course, it really helps if you like Lady Gaga if you're to get anything out of Little Monsters, but it is worth checking out to see a cleverly constructed pop star fan site.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.